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2008年度下期 採択案件概要


 David J. Farber PM(Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science and Public Policy Carnegie Mellon University)


 チーフクリエータ:アディヤン ムジビヤ(東京大学大学院 学際情報学府・総合分析情報学コース・暦本純一研究室 修士1年)



 学校法人国際大学 (グローバル・コミュニケーション・センター)




 Audible Photo : Enhance the Digital Imaging Experience With Embedded Ambient Sound



 This project goal is to construct digital images, which have the ambient sound captured and embedded into it using extended Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF). Furthermore, we plan to develop an application for the iPhone 3G and Android based smart phones. As the result, a new sense of rich emotional experience of digital imaging can be expected.
 We also propose audio-scene tagging through the automated audio feature extraction and analysis for scene segmentation and classification. We plan to build web browser plug-in to support the audio playback, and develop a standalone application to support audio-scene based photo grouping, indexing, and slideshows. Photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa already supports EXIF tags. Thus leads to a strong fundamental platform for this project.
 Other advancements to the ideas are to embed GPS latitude and longitude (geo-tag), and direction (compass) into the EXIF tags. This will allow a lot more viewing possibilities by overlaying the photos on the Google Map and such.
 The ultimate effect of this project is the enhanced photo life experience by providing the ambient sound of photos. It will also open a lot more possibilities in digital imaging field through digital image tagging and ambient audio embedding.


 While some aspects of this proposal exist in parts in camera and cell phone software, there is no integrated approach that I know of. I believe that a well-implemented integration of view, sound and location could yield a very interesting application that also could become a commercially viable product. It will all depend on the smoothness of the implementation and the care of design. I would target a version to the iphone in order to gain the maximum exposure.