Enhancing information security

Measures for Information Security Vulnerabilities

Seeking to distribute accurate information about vulnerabilities (security holes), we at the IT Security Center work aggressively to analyze vulnerabilities, establish and promote countermeasures, provide educational materials and couduct research into a range of tools to shore up defenses against vulnerabilities.

Center for vulnerability reports and countermeasures

By appointment of METI, the IPA serves as a center to which people can direct reports on security vulnerabilities for analysis. We work closely with the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC), and related organizations and groups under the framework of the Information Security Early Warning Partnership.

We collect information from the internet about vulnerabilities and the ways nefarious people invent to exploit them. This information is then subject to detailed research and verification, as well as impact evaluation.

JVN : Providing reliable vulnerability information

When a security vulnerability is discovered, it is reported to the IPA. We publish information such as what the pertinent products' developers are doing to address the situation and any available countermeasures on the Japan Vulnerability Notes portal site( http://jvn.jp/ , http://jvn.jp/en/ ), which we operate jointly with the JPCERT/CC, thereby helping promote defense against vulnerabilities.

Additionally, April 25,2007 saw the launch of a new database of information about vulnerabilities related to software and products used in Japan and how to counter them. Called, JVN iPedia( http://jvndb.jvn.jp/ , http://jvndb.jvn.jp/en/ ).

What is JVN?

JVN iPedia Registration Status


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