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IPA/ISEC:Vulnerabilities:English Versions of JVN and JVN iPedia Released

May 21, 2008

Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA), headed by chairman Koji Nishigaki, and Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC), headed by board chairman Kazumasa Utashiro, have offered products vulnerability information collected within the framework of Japan through JVN (Japan Vulnerability Notes) and JVN iPedia. The information had been provided entirely in Japanese, but as of May 21, 2008, English versions are made available.
(JVN:, JVN iPedia:

"Standards for Handling Software Vulnerability Information", which was officially announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in July 2004, specifies IPA as the information receiving body and JPCERT/CC as the coordination body for vulnerability information distribution in Japan. Based on these standards, the "Information Security Early Warning Partnership Guideline" was established, and IPA and JPCERT/CC have provided vulnerability-related information in Japanese through JVN and JVN iPedia.

In recent years, due to the globalization of products, vulnerability information concerning Japanese products is becoming increasingly important not only in Japan, but also overseas. At the same time, demands from overseas development vendors for information sharing in English are also increasing. In response to such situation, IPA and JPCERT/CC have released the English versions of JVN and JVN iPedia on May 21, 2008, as part of efforts to share vulnerability information of products handled in Japan with overseas coordination institutions, developers and users.

Offering information directly in English makes it possible to promptly provide English-speaking users with accurate information. It is also expected to promote understanding of Japan's efforts toward vulnerability information handling and encourage overseas products developers to report vulnerability information to JVN and JVN iPedia.

Vulnerability Information Available on the English Version of JVN

On the English version of JVN, all 265 vulnerability notes for software and other products published under the Information Security Early Warning Partnership since its establishment in 2004 have been made available in English as of May 21. The English version of JVN will be updated with new vulnerability information.

Vulnerability Information Available on the English Version of JVN iPedia

On the English version of JVN iPedia, 60 vulnerability notes for products developed in Japan have been made available in English as of May 21 in addition to the above 265 vulnerability notes on JVN. The English version of JVN iPedia is equipped with search functions equivalent to that of the Japanese version so that users can easily find desired vulnerability information. The scope of vulnerability information collection will be expanded to further improve the database, mainly focusing on products developed in Japan.


• Vulnerability information portal site (JVN: Japan Vulnerability Notes)

Provides vulnerability information found inside and outside Japan and reported to "Information Security Early Warning Partnership"

English Version:

Japanese Version:

• Vulnerability countermeasure information database (JVN iPedia)

A database that stores vulnerability information posted on JVN and vulnerability information of software and other products used in Japan

English Version:

Japanese Version:

• Explanation of JVN: What is "Vulnerability Countermeasure Information Portal Site, JVN?"




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