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JISEC-Use of Marks and Notifications

Last Updated:Oct 4, 2010

1 Use of Certification Logo

The applicant who acquired the certificate can use the logo and describe that it has been certified on the catalog, manuals, and Web for their promotion. In such case, please note the following.

  • The certification logo shows that the product was evaluated and certified according to JISEC.
    It does not mean that the product is guaranteed that there is no vulnerability at all.

  • It also does not mean that the necessary security functions under the specific operational environment are implemented into the product.

  • Make sure that you may not mislead consumers to believe that the product is certified more widely (in function and version, etc.) than the range actually certified.
    Please show the range certified especially clearly when the product contains the security functions which are not evaluated.

  • Please do not use the certification logo and the CCRA certification logo for the product different from the version of the product described in the certification. In addition, please do not use the logo to make consumers misunderstand for the entire product or the system is certified despite the fact that some security functions are not certifed.

2 Certification Logo

2.1 Certification Logo


The logo shall provide the evidence that the "Certificate" has been issued properly under the Scheme. Only the promotion activity of the certified product can be used.

2.2 CCRA Certification Logo


The CCRA certification logo shows that ST and the certification report of the product that is published the certification according to the condition of JISEC and the certification is open to the public in Web of the Certification Body.

2.3 Service Logo

  • CCRAサービスマーク
    CCRA Service Logo
  • JISECサービスマーク
    JISEC Service Logo

The service logo is used to identify the service performed by the Certification Body for the advertisement and marketing. Please note that only the Certification Body can use this logo.

2.4 Misuse of Logo

  • The Certification Body will monitor the use of the CC Certification Logo.
    a sponsor or developer is found to be misusing the logo, the Certification Body will request for corrective actions.

3 Use of the IPA Web

  • To link with the Web page that IPA operates is basically available freely.
    However, the published contents are protected as a copyrighted work.
  • Please acknowledge that the broken link might be generated by the change of address (URL) when it is linked directly with each Web page under the JISEC top page.

4 Copyrights

  • Copyrights to "Certificate" and "Certification Report" shall belong to the Certification Body.
  • The Certification Body has the exclusive right concerning the use of "Certification Logo" and the use of the "CCRA Certification Logo" in Japan.