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CC Supporting Documents

Last Updated 2021-07-12

This page provides information on the evaluation of smartcards and similar devices and hardware devices with security boxes under JISEC scheme.


CC Supporting Documents related to Smartcards

This page provides technical documents such as specific evaluation methods for Smartcards, which are issued as Common Criteria Supporting Documents from CCRA. There are two types of supporting documents: Mandatory Techinical Document, Guidance Document.
Mandatory Technical Documents contains a consistent set of interpretations that specify or complement the CC/CEM during the IT Security Evaluation of Smartcards and related devices.
Guidance Documents may contain background material to aid the understanding of the evaluation approach or any other information not considered to be mandatory.

Mandatory Technical Documents (CC Supporting Documents)

Guidance (CC Supporting Documents)

Followings are supporting documents which are open to the public at CCRA as a significant reference for Smartcard Evaluation, etc.

CCDB-2010-03-001 Smartcard Evaluation v2.0pdf (215 KB)
SOGIS 2015-08-002 ETR for composite evaluation v1.1pdf (647 KB)
CCDB-2012-04-004 Security Architecture requirements (ADV_ARC) for smart cards and similar devices - Appendix 1pdf (769 KB)
CCDB-2012-04-005 Collection of Developer Evidence v1.5pdf (53 KB)
SOGIS 2016-02 Security requirements for post-delivery code loading v1.0pdf (72 KB)


CC Supporting Documents related to Hardware devices with security boxes