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IPA:Cryptographic Technology Research and Evaluation Activities

  • Cryptography for Secure Network Society
    Cryptography is the key technology for the confidentiality and authentication of data. Its various functions are utilized in the network society to ensure the security to protect valuable personal and/or corporate information.
  • IPA has launched "the Cryptography Research & Evaluation Committees" (CRYPTREC), to promote cryptographic technology research and evaluation. Its activities are as follows.
  • Maintenance of the e-government recommended ciphers list:
    Monitors the recommended ciphers and follows the revisions to the list.
  • Evaluation of cryptographic modules:
    Establish evaluation criteria and test requirements for cryptographic module.
    Research and examination focusing on cryptography implementation related technologies.
  • Contribution to international standardization:
    provide results of research and survey on cryptographic technology.

  • *1 ISO:International Organization for Standardization
  • *2 IEC:International Electrotechnical Commission
  • *3 NESSIE:New European Schemes for Signatures, Integrity, and Encryption