Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence ICSCoE

Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence ICSCoE

  • Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence

About ICSCoE

In recent years, the risks of cyber attacks inflicting physical damage on social infrastructures have been increasing. Due to the cyber attacks launched by foreign countries, the incidents endangering the safety of critical and industrial infrastructures have already occurred overseas.

Under such circumstances, it is necessary to drastically strengthen protections against cyber attacks on critical and industrial infrastructures that underpin Japan’s economy and society.

Accordingly, on April 1, 2017, we established the Industrial Cyber Security Center for Excellence (ICSCoE), where we develop human resources, organizations, systems, and technologies dealing with cybersecurity risks for social and industrial infrastructures through our activities, such as exercises utilizing our simulated plants, practical experiences of attack defenses, and research and analysis for the latest information on cyber attacks.

ICSCoE Profile

Human Resource Development Program

Provide programs for the operators engraining in social and industrial infrastructures to develop human resources capable of determining necessary security measures while identifying risks of in-house systems

Install the simulated plants, where preparing everything from information systems to operational systems; Conduct exercises for safety and reliability verification and prompt system recovery together with experts

Learn state-of-art technologies and know-how and create communities to promote collaborations with security officers and experts from other industries and overseas

Accumulate global knowledge and create opportunities to exchange knowledge with overseas experts through active collaborations with foreign countries

Disseminate information and provide training to corporate executives on the actual situation of cyber attacks and the necessity for industrial cybersecurity

Program Overview

In this Human Resource Development Program, ICSCoE provides the following three programs:

  • Core Human Resource Development Program
  • Programs for Managers
  • Programs for Practitioners
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Risk Assessment Activities on the Safety and Reliability of Actual Control Systems

  • Conduct risk assessments on the safety and reliability of control systems for social and industrial infrastructures in Japan
  • Investigate all possibilities of cyber attacks and plan the necessary measures

Investigation and Analysis of Cyber Attacks

  • Collect information on the latest cyber attacks (e.g., observe decoy systems, amass information on cyber attacks from professional organizations in the private sector, etc.)
  • Investigate and analyze new attack methods to utilize for human resources development and system verification activities