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About DADC

Digital Architecture Design Center (DADC) ventures into a wide range of innovative activities to make Japanese industries and society wealthier and stronger.

Architecture Designing

Pick themes and agendas from the three key areas of:

  • Regulations: the area that requires new governance rules to accommodate advanced digital technologies in control and management systems
  • Public Procurements: the area that requires waste reduction and cost-efficiency in systems designing
  • Industry Infrastructure: the area that requires involvement of a public organization to coordinate cross-industry endeavors of various stakeholders

Architecture Research

  • Learn from overseas architecting case studies for Japan's own implementation
  • Verify and validate an architecting process and its outcome through field works and case studies

Architect Talent Development

Improve awareness of architect talents' value and their nurturing needs among management layers

  • Prepare a list of skills to be acknowledged as an architect and provide unique learning opportunities to sharpen such skills through field works as well as collaborative activities with academic and global professionals
  • Conduct seminars and provide educational materials

Vision & Mission

In order to drive Japan’s economic growth and innovation at various industries, Digital Architecture Design Center (DADC)) was launched under the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA). Digital Architecture Design Center (DADC) will orchestrate collaboration of multiple and diverse stakeholders through a wide range of activities to help improve Japan’s architecting capability.

DADC's Mission

To support Society5.0 — a super-smart society where big data, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and robots are fused into every industry and across all social segments for our quality of life and social well-being — Digital Architecture Design Center (DADC) will explore optimal architecting as follows.

DADC's Role

Design critical architecture designated by the Japanese Government
  • Create theme-specific working groups with clear sets of activity goals
  • Put together experts in variety of areas for collective insights and expertise
  • Put technical, industrial and social aspects of the system in perspective for optimal architecting
  • Set up social and industrial architecting methodologies by leveraging basic principles of systems engineering
  • Put a roadmap in place for continuous monitoring and updates of each architecture
Nurture architecting talents through a wide range of hands-on learning opportunities
  • Offer diverse in-service training opportunities through various projects and educational programs along with direct access to world-class professionals in the field
Conduct research and analysis for optimal architecture designing capabilities
  • Form a community of varying professionals and use their collective intelligence to provide a secure outlook for the future in technology and social environments