IPA Overview

Digital Architecture Design Center

Paving the way for a bright future built upon seamless data coordination and system linkage

Digital Architecture Design Center (DADC) will draw blueprints of a prosperous future enabled by big data and digital technologies driving various initiatives for innovative solutions to meet challenges our society is facing today.

Enhancing architecting capability of Japanese businesses and governments to help design and create a better world

DADC will facilitate fully integrated and optimized architecting endeavors across the board. Through various activities, we will build the foundation and platforms for effective data coordination and systems linkage in the coming super-smart society.

Envisioning a bright, tech-driven future that will bring unprecedented prosperity in human history

In order to drive Japan’s economic growth and innovation at various industries, DADC was launched under the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA). DADC will orchestrate collaboration of multiple and diverse stakeholders through a wide range of activities to help improve Japan’s architecting capability.