IPA Overview

Vulnerability countermeasures promotion initiatives

If left u naddressed, vulnerabilities in operating systems, software and a ny products that contain them may be exploited a nd lead to serious consequences a nd damages through u nauthorized access,virus infections a nd the leakage of personal information.

By offering the Vulnerability Notification Scheme and the Vulnerability Countermeasure I nformation Database, IPA collects and publishes information on those vulnerabilities to encourage product developers and website operators to fix them as well as to help their end-users embrace effective countermeasures.

Vulnerability Notification Scheme

Software developers and website administrators will be notified of reported vulnerabilities in their products or systems to fix them. Updates are published on the Japan Vulnerability Notes (JVN) portal site.
Over 13,000 notifications have been made as of March 2018.

Vulnerability Countermeasure Information Database

Updates on new vulnerability countermeasures are available via JVN iPedia, IPA’s online database.
Over 81,000 database entries have been made as of March 2018.

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