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Human Resource Development Program 

Last Updated:Oct 11, 2023

Program Overview

In this Human Resource Development Program, Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence(ICSCoE) provides the following three programs:

  • Core Human Resource Development Program
  • Programs for Managers
  • Programs for Practitioners

Core Human Resource Development Program

At the Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence (ICSCoE), we provide the “Core Human Resource Development Program” targeting personnel who could bridge between field personnel and corporate executives from security perspectives.

This program is a one-year comprehensive training program (from July to June of the following year) themed on strengthening cybersecurity measures for social and industrial infrastructures, through which trainees will learn technologies (OT and IT), management skills, and business fields. They will first learn the basics of security to a certain level and then moved onto advanced and practical training programs.

In this program, trainees will utilize our plants simulating systems in various industries in order to experience exercises in an environment close to their own company. We also conduct collaborative training with relevant organizations overseas to acquire expertise on the world-top-level security measures.

Programs for Managers

Cyber Resilience Enhancement eXercise by Industry (CyberREX)

This exercise aims to enhance readiness and resilience on cybersecurity within divisions and departments and to strengthen the entire business organization with an awareness of industry characteristics.

Cyber Crisis RESponse Tabletop Exercise (CyberCREST)

In this exercise, participants will learn the advanced cybersecurity strategy established by the United States in order to protect companies, who have been implementing control systems.

Strategic Management Seminar

This seminar targeting the personnel responsible for security measures, including policy planning and risk management, through which participants will learn the organizations and functions essential to security measures in terms of business continuity.

Program for Practitioners

Cybersecurity Exercise for Control Systems

In this exercise, participants will utilize our simulated process control networks and experience the cyber attacks used to control devices wrongfully to learn the security of industrial control systems, such as architectures of Its and control systems, security vulnerabilities, and measures specific to control systems.