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Promotion of Data Spaces

Release Date:Jan 30, 2024

Last Updated:Jun 21, 2024

Digital Infrastructure Center
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan

IPA is working to support the spread and promotion of Data Spaces in Japan.

What is the Data Spaces?

Data Spaces refers to a new economic space and space for social activities that transcend national and disciplinary boundaries, and is a concept that has been attracting attention mainly in Europe in recent years.
By developing rules and mechanisms that allow data to be linked across countries and organizations, and making it possible to use a large amount of data that is more diverse and reliable than ever before, we will be able to create new services. The aim is to improve the sophistication of existing services.

  • What are data spaces.

The characteristics of Data Spaces are "data sovereignty," in which the data provider retains the rights to the data, "fairness" in which anyone can utilize the data by using a common digital platform, and the data provider. Examples include "interoperability," which enables data transfer/access with mutual reliability.

  • The image of data space characteristics and data exchange

There are two reasons why data sharing is necessary: ​​an active perspective and an Inevitable perspective.
"Active perspectives" include "new business development" that utilizes data from other industries, and "problem solving" that involves analysis from new perspectives.
The "Inevitable perspective" includes "regulatory compliance," which requires compliance with international rules, and "prevention of isolation," which ensures that non-Japanese companies are not left behind by utilizing Data Spaces.

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