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Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions Corporation
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3.1 release4
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EAL4 Augmented with ALC_DVS.2, AVA_VAN.5
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Description of TOE

TOE is a smart card. It is an application-specific product for the Social Security and Tax Number System in Japan.
The hardware of TOE is the plastic card in which IC chip and physical external interface parts were embedded. A physical external interface is equipped with both IC module terminal interface and a contactless interface.
The software of TOE is the program and data which provide service of the Personal Number Card. This software consists of a platform which has HAL, OS, and platform functions of ISD and SSD, and AP (Application program).
On a platform, four types of APs work for particular usages. These four types APs are “Input Support AP for the personal information printed on the card”, “Basic Resident Registration AP”, Public ID authentication AP” and “AP for digitization of the personal information printed on the card”.

TOE security functionality

TOE is equipped with the security function (security features) for protecting the information property. Software part of TOE (a platform and a basic AP) manages logical access through an external interface. In other words, it identifies and authenticates the user, and makes the user use the information and resources of TOE according to the user’s authority.

The main security functions of TOE are shown below.

  • Communication data protection
    TOE communicates with an external terminal through two communication interfaces, IC module terminal interface and a contactless interface. Communication which needs to be protected from tapping and tampering protects the confidentiality and/or integrity by applying “secure messaging” function which performs communication data encryption and decoding and /or MAC (Message Authentication Code) generation and verification.
  • User authentication and access control
    In order to provide the service according to the user's authority, TOE performs user authentication for every service, and carries out access control.
  • Cryptographic operation
    TOE offers the cryptographic operation function in connection with service of a platform or each AP. The cryptographic operation function is used for secure messaging, user authentication, or signature and user authentication for the public ID authentication AP and so on.
  • Defense against physical attacks
    The security function of TOE also protects own hardware from physical attacks.