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imagio Security Card Type 7 (Japanese name)
DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type H (English name)

Last Updated 2016-01-22
Product Name :
imagio Security Card Type 7
(Japanese name)
DataOverwriteSecurity Unit Type H
(English name)
Version of TOE :
Product Type :
Software to overwrite data
Certification No. :
Date :
2014-02-24(Assurance Continuity)
Version of Common Criteria:
3.1 Release4
Conformance Claim :
PP Identifier :


Description of TOE

This product, an optional kit of safer use for Multi Function Product, overwrites generated data into the specified area of HDD commanded by Multi Function Product(MFP). According to the Assurance Continuity, this product is available for following MFPs;

- Ricoh MP C401/C401SR series
- Savin MP C401/C401SR series
- Lanier MP C401/C401SR series
- nashuatec MP C401/C401SR series
- Rex-Rotary MP C401/C401SR series
- Gestetner MP C401/C401SR series
- infotec MP C401/C401SR series

This product is also available for following MFPs;

- RICOH MP C5503
- RICOH MP C4503
- RICOH MP C6003
- Ricoh MP C4503
- Ricoh MP C4503G
- Ricoh MP C4503A
- Ricoh MP C5503
- Ricoh MP C5503G
- Ricoh MP C5503A
- Ricoh MP C6003
- Ricoh MP C6003G
- Savin MP C4503
- Savin MP C4503G
- Savin MP C5503
- Savin MP C5503G
- Savin MP C6003
- Savin MP C6003G
- Lanier MP C4503
- Lanier MP C4503G
- Lanier MP C5503
- Lanier MP C5503G
- Lanier MP C6003
- Lanier MP C6003G
- nashuatec MP C4503
- nashuatec MP C4503A
- nashuatec MP C5503
- nashuatec MP C5503A
- nashuatec MP C6003
- Rex-Rotary MP C4503
- Rex-Rotary MP C4503A
- Rex-Rotary MP C5503
- Rex-Rotary MP C5503A
- Rex-Rotary MP C6003
- Gestetner MP C4503
- Gestetner MP C4503A
- Gestetner MP C5503
- Gestetner MP C5503A
- Gestetner MP C6003
- infotec MP C4503
- infotec MP C4503A
- infotec MP C5503
- infotec MP C5503A
- infotec MP C6003

- RICOH imagio MP C6000/C7500 series
- Ricoh Aficio MP C6000/C7500 series
- Savin C6055/C7570 series
- Lanier LD 260c/275c series
- Lanier MP C6000/C7500 series
- nashuatec MP C6000/C7500 series
- Rex-Rotary MP C6000/C7500 series
- Gestetner MP C6000/C7500 series
- infotec MP C6000/C7500 series

- RICOH imagio MP 6001/7501/9001 series

- RICOH MP CW2200/CW1200 series
- Ricoh MP CW2200 series
- Savin MP CW2200 series
- Lanier MP CW2200 series
- nashuatec MP CW2200 series
- Rex-Rotary MP CW2200 series
- Gestetner MP CW2200 series
- infotec MP CW2200 series

- RICOH MP C8002/C6502 series
- Ricoh MP C6502/C8002 series
- Savin MP C6502/C8002 series
- Lanier MP C6502/C8002 series
- nashuatec MP C6502/C8002 series
- Rex-Rotary MP C6502/C8002 series
- Gestetner MP C6502/C8002 series
- infotec MP C6502/C8002 series

- RICOH MP C6003Z/C5503Z/C4503Z series
- Ricoh MP C4503Z /C5503Z/ C6003Z series
- nashuatec MP C4503Z /C5503Z/ C6003Z series
- Rex-Rotary MP C4503Z/ C5503Z/ C6003Z series
- Gestetner MP C4503Z/ C5503Z/ C6003Z series
- infotec MP C4503Z/ C5503Z/ C6003Z series

- RICOH Pro 8120S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8100S series
- Ricoh Pro 8100S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8120S series
- Savin Pro 8100S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8120S series
- Lanier Pro 8100S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8120S series
- nashuatec Pro 8100S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8120S series
- Rex-Rotary Pro 8100S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8120S series
- Gestetner Pro 8100S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8120S series
- infotec Pro 8100S/ Pro 8110S/ Pro 8120S series

- RICOH Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- Ricoh Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- Savin Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- Lanier Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- nashuatec Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- Rex-Rotary Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- Gestetner Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- infotec Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series
- InfoPrint Pro 907EX/1107EX/1357EX series

- RICOH imagio MP C4000/C5000 series
- Ricoh Aficio MP C4000/C4000G/C5000/C5000G series
- Savin C4040/C4040G/C5050/C5050G series
- Lanier LD 540C/540CG/550C/550CG series
- Lanier MP C4000/C5000 series
- nashuatec MP C4000/C5000 series
- Rex-Rotary MP C4000/C5000 series
- Gestetner MP C4000 /C5000 series
- infotec MP C4000/C5000 series

- RICOH imagio MP C2800/C3300 series
- Ricoh Aficio MP C2800/C2800G/C3300/C3300G series
- Savin C2828/C2828G/C3333/C3333G series
- Lanier LD 528C/528CG/533C/533CG series
- Lanier MP C2800/C3300 series
- nashuatec MP C2800/C3300 series
- Rex-Rotary MP C2800/C3300 series
- Gestetner MP C2800 /C3300 series
- infotec MP C2800/C3300 series

TOE security functionality

Same as above.


Security functional requirements

This TOE implements the following security functional requirements.

Security audit Non-repudiation of origin/receipt Cryptographicfunctionality Access control
Data authentication Export data protection Information flow control Import data protection
Internal transfer data protection Residual information protection Rollback Stored data integrity
Transfer data confidentiality Transfer data integrity TIdentification and authentication Security management
Privacy Control Security functionality protection Resource utilisation management TOE access control
Trusted path/channels      

Notes: overwrite specified area