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Japanese : bizhub 754 / bizhub 654 / ineo 754 /
ineo 654 Zentai Seigyo Software
English : bizhub 754 / bizhub 654 / ineo 754 /
ineo 654 Control Software

Last Updated 2014-02-03
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Japanese : bizhub 754 / bizhub 654 / ineo 754 / ineo 654 Zentai Seigyo Software
English : bizhub 754 / bizhub 654 / ineo 754 / ineo 654 Control Software
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Control Software for digital MFP
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Version of Common Criteria:
3.1 Release4
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Description of TOE

TOE is the software that controls the entire operation of digital multi-function products (Multi Functional Peripheral. Hereinafter referred to as “MFP”), including the operation control processing and the image data management triggered by the panel of the main body of MFP or through the network.


TOE security functionality

This TOE mainly provides the following security functions.

- Identification / Authentication and Access Control Function
  The function that identifies/authenticates a user and controls the access to highly confidential image data stored in MFP.
- Audit Log Function
  The function that records the audit log contributing to detect the infringement of Identification/Authentication and Access Control Function.
- HDD Encryption Function
  The function to encrypt the image data written in HDD by using the function of ASIC.
- Overwrite Deletion Function
  The function that deletes the image data area no longer required of HDD by deletion method compliant with various overwrite deletion standards. Possible to overwrite data area including the image data of HDD to delete depends on the operation.
- Safety Transmitting and Receiving Function of Image file
  The function to encrypt image data by S/MIME when transmitting the image data by e-mail, and to use safety communication path by SSL/TLS when transmitting and receiving it by other way.
- Fax Unit Control Function
  The function to prevent accessing the internal network using FAX as steppingstone.


Security functional requirements

This TOE implements the following security functional requirements.

Security audit Non-repudiation of origin/receipt Cryptographic functionality Access control
Data authentication Export data protection Information flow control Import data protection
Internal transfer data protection Residual information protection Rollback Stored data integrity
Transfer data confidentiality Transfer data integrity Identification and authentication Security management
Privacy Control Security functionality protection Resource utilisation management TOE access control
Trusted path/channels