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1st AISEC Forum

Last Updated 2010-10-04


1.  Background

Korea, Malaysia and Singapore and Japan held a preliminary meeting in Korea in February 2008 and agreed to establish the Asian IT Security Evaluation and Certification (AISEC) Forum for the following purpose;

  1. To enable collaboration among Asian countries to advance the level of proficiency in security evaluation and certification of IT products,
  2. To share information on Asian IT security environment and market trends to prepare for the future, and
  3. To propagate IT security evaluation and certification practices in the Asia region and encourage non-CCRA countries to join the CCRA.

2.  Outline of 1st AISEC Forum

The member of the Certification bodies and the evaluation facilities from Korea, Malaysia and India that are the participants of CCRA and Chinese Taipei that is non-CCRA member came to Japan and spent of three days from May 13th to 15th, in 2009 to share the knowledge and experiences of IT Security Evaluation and Certification.

On the first day, we visited the information security EXPO of holding at Tokyo Big sight (International Convention Complex).

2nd day and 3rd day, the representatives from each country had lectures and held active discussions.

3.  Results of the 1st AISEC Forum

  • In order to start (and/or continue) any cooperation under AISEC and to secure any budget, even for participation into AISEC meetings, it is necessary to conclude MOU.
  • We agreed on the following target;
  1. To cooperate between each country for the improvement in the security evaluation certification of the IT product.
  2. To share the information of IT Security and market trend in each country.
  3. To promote the participation of CCRA for non-CCRA member countries of an Asian region.