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Computer Virus Incident Report for the the 1st Quarter of 2008

(January - March)


May 9, 2008
IT Security Center
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)


This is a summary of Computer Virus Incident Report for the 1st Quarter (January - March) 2008.

1. Reported Numbers

The total reported number of virus for the First Quarter (January to March) in 2008 was 5,551.  Following graph shows the shift in number for the reported number by quarter filed by IPA.  As it is shown in the Chart 1, the reported number is being decreased: when compared with the one for the Fourth Quarter of 2006, the reported number for the First Quarter 2008 becomes about a half.  As its cause, there has not been existed newer virus that sends number of mails against unspecified majority and the reported number itself is getting decreased since security measures are having been penetrated in both organizational/individual user levels sufficiently.

Reported Number of Virus

Chart 1: Reported Number by Quarter


2. Detected Number for Virus

As all of you know that the W32/Netsky is the virus frequently reported to IPA; its detection number is getting lowered as sufficient security measures are now getting penetrated in most of all users.  Accordingly, the total detection number is also getting lowered –about one 5th - than the one reported in the Fourth Quarter of 2006.

Currently, it seems that the virus targeting unspecified majority users turned to the one targeting specific organizations/individuals (Spear type of attack).  Some of security measures software does not work for such type of virus (attack), please be cautious with suspicious mail and do not open any of attachment file to e-mail, etc.


The Research/Study relevant to Current Spear Type of Attack –Study Report-(in Japanese)

Detection # of Virus Oct. '06 - Mar. '07

Chart 2: Detection Number of Virus by Quarter


3. Reported Number by Respective Viruses

Since there is not existed newer viruses that enlarge infection, W32/Netsky is retained as the mostly reported (that is, the worst) virus.  However, it is no wonder that newer virus can exists anytime and anywhere so that be sure to conduct fundamental security measures – application of patches, use of anti-virus software and cautious with handling attachment file to e-mail, etc. – respectively.

Reported Number by Virus Oct. '06 - Mar. '07

Chart 3: Reported Number by Respective Viruses by Quarter

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