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IPA/ISEC:English Version of Guides for SME in Safe Use of Cloud Computing

Aug 26, 2011
IPA, Japan

Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA, Chairman Kazumasa Fujie) developed English versions of the reference documents for Small-to-Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) for safe use of cloud computing and for cloud service providers for relevant information disclosure.
The Japanese original versions of these documents were released earlier on 25 April, 2011.

The original documents in Japanese language are widely used by not only SMEs but also a variety of supporting people including IT Coordinators, Tax Consultants and systems integrators.

While IPA is active in collaboration with NIST(*1), ENISA(*2) and CSA(*3), as well as Asian countries, IPA appreciates the possibility that these documents are valuable and useful in those countries, resulting in development and provision of English versions.

The documents translated are as follows:

1) Guide to Safe Use of Cloud Services for Small-to-Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) PDF
The document provides information which supports SMEs in planning employment and use of cloud services, together with interpreted listing of the items for preparation and checking for safe and efficient use of cloud services.

2) Information Disclosure Reference Guide for Cloud Service Providers PDF
From the viewpoint of safe use of cloud services by SMEs, the document provides the items of information that are expected to be appropriately disclosed by cloud service providers, together with suggested way of the disclosure.

The announcement of the original Japanese version of these documents can be sighted at the following URL:

The original Japanese versions of "Guide to Safe Use of Cloud Services for Small-to-Mid-Sized Enterprises" and "Information Disclosure Reference Guide for Cloud Service Providers" can be reached through the following URL:


(*1)National Institute of Standards and Technology

(*2)European Network and Information Security Agency

(*3)Cloud Security Alliance


IT Security Center,
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (ISEC/IPA)