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- The Self-Assessment Tool for Security Measures -


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Information Security Management Benchmark
- The Self-Assessment Tool for Security Measures -

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About Service Suspension
Due to the maintenance, our Information Security Management Benchmark will temporally be unavailable during the following period:
6:00 PM March 22, 2019 - 10:00 AM March 25, 2019
We apologize for inconvenience.

The Information Security Management Benchmark is a self-assessment tool to visually check where the level of the user company's security measures resides by responding questions about company profile and 27 items of security countermeasures.

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Japanese Benchmark Portal Site is here

About ISM-Benchmark and related documents


26 Oct 2018 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.4.7 Releasednew
*Statistic data for ver.4.7 availabled
27 Oct 2017 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.4.6 Released
*Statistic data for ver.4.6 availabled
27 Oct 2016 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.4.5 Released
*Statistic data for ver.4.5 availabled
27 Oct 2015 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.4.4 Released
*Statistic data for ver.4.4 availabled
27 Oct 2014 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.4.3 Released
*Statistic data for ver.4.3 availabled
20 Jun 2013 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.4.2 Released
*Statistic data for ver.4.2 availabled
28 Sep 2012 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.4.1 Released
*Statistic data for ver.4.1 availabled
31 May 2011 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.3.4 Released
*Statistic data for ver.3.4 availabled
29 June 2010 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.3.3 Released
22 May 2009 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.3.2 Released
05 Feb 2009 Renewal of ISM-Benchmark English Portal Site
21 Apr 2008 ISM-Benchmark (English) Ver.3.1 Released
*Statistic data available.
*Frequency distribution chart added, to the assessment result.
*“My page” function available for English users.
18 Dec 2007 ISM-Benchmark(English) Ver.3.0 Released
*Questions formulated based on ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Annex A.
06 Jul  2007 ISM-Benchmark(English) Ver.2.0 Released