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Questions you will be asked in ISM-Benchmark

A List of 27 Questions

This file contains a list of 27 questions about “Information Security Countermeasures” you will be asked in ISM-Benchmark.

27 Questions Plus Explanations

This file contains 27 questions along with the explanation for each question.
For example in Q1-(1) you will be asked;
“Does your company have any policies or rules for information security and implement them? “
Along with the explanation as follows;
It is important to establish policies/rules based on your company’s business and operational risk, rather than just applying a simple copy of a sample or template. To ensure the enforcement of those policies and rules, you need to make them known to everyone within the company, check the state of implementation, and review them on an as-needed basis.

All the questions in Part1 and Part2

This file contains all the questions in the ISM-benchmark
In part I you will be asked 27 questions about “Information Security Countermeasures.
In part II you will be asked 19 questions about Your Company Profile.
If you download this file and write down your answers in advance, you will be ready to go through the Web-based Self Assessment.

The Recommended Information Security Approaches

The ISM-Benchmark ver.4 or later allows you to see recommended approaches on a pop-up window during the self-assessment.
This file contains a list of questions “About Information Security Countermeasures (5 Sections/27 Questions)” and explanation of those questions, as well as tips for implementing security countermeasures related to each question (146 tips). Once you have downloaded this file, you can check for the “Recommended Approaches” in advance that in general are displayed on a pop-up window during the self-assessment.