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The Information-technology SEcurity Center (ISEC) is the center for promoting information security in Japan.



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Public presentation of the CRYPTREC Report 2002

August 29, 2003
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan

Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan; hereafter abbreviated to IPA, and Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan; hereafter abbreviated to TAO, have been jointly promoting the cryptographic technique evaluation project; CRYPTREC by the CRYPTREC Evaluation Committee composed by Japanese eminent cryptography specialists. This project, in establishing e-Government systems, has aggressively evaluated various cryptographic techniques so as to compile the cryptographic techniques necessary for the security of each system into the e-Government recommended ciphers list. ; IPA and TAO publicly announced the CRYPTREC Report 2001 at the CRYPTREC 2002-2003 presentation conference held in May 22th.
These cryptographic techniques were; evaluated by domestic and overseas cryptography researchers and specialists and were compiled to the report by CRYPTREC Evaluation Committees.; However, the evaluation results concerning to security described in this report may not guaranteed forever. Thus, it should be considered necessary to follow up such evaluations for a long time to come.


CRYPTREC Report 2002(PDF File: 2.53 MB)



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