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Evaluation Criteria for Open Standards and Specifications(ECOSS)

Last Updated: May 31 2016


    In the realization of a society with high-level utilization of IT, the challenges to be addressed are promotion of development of information systems with high-level of interoperability based on open standards/specifications and reduction of total life-cycle costs of information systems given that neutral and fair procurement, which is free of vendor lock-in, is ensured. To achieve this aim, "Evaluation Criteria for Open Standards and Specifications (ECOSS)" has been developed by the Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan as a part of projects for promoting open standards. ECOSS provides guidelines for evaluation of ICT standards/specifications in order to choose technical standards/specifications that should preferentially be adopted at the time of development and procurement of information systems.


Examples of examination results by ECOSS

    As an example, the examination result of a Standards/Specifications based on examination procedures using ECOSS is carried below. We show the examination result that we carried out using the examination procedure and explain about the relationship with the procedures and its examination result. 

    Take up XML 1.0 developed by W3C as a sample at first. We'll learn procedures of examination works(record of evaluation and its evidence for evaluation).

  • Examination result of W3C XML1.0 4th Edition by ECOSS(PDF:1.17MB)
  •    It shows the operational record of examination result of W3C XML1.0 4th Edition by using ECOSS.

  • Comparison of examination results of W3C XML1.0 4th Edition and 5th Edition(PDF:58.5KB)
  •    A material in which examination results of XML1.0 4th Edition and 5th Edition published by W3C are compared.

Relationship between ECOSS and CAMSS

    "CAMSS" is an initiative to promote collaboration between EU Member States in defining a "Common Assessment Method for Standards and Specifications" and to share with other countries the assessment study results for the development of eGovernment services.

    The development of ECOSS was carried out in collaboration with the CAMSS project by the European Commission, while taking into account the consistency with CAMSS v1.0 as much as possible.

  • Mapping between ECOSS v1.0 and CAMSS v1.0(PDF:551KB)
  •    A material in which evaluation items of CAMSS v1.0 established by EU are mapped to evaluation items of ECOSS v1.0 established by IPA graphically using lines.

  • Correspondence relationship from CAMSS v1.0 to ECOSS v1.0(PDF:49.1KB)
  •    For each evaluation item of CAMSS v1.0, corresponding evaluation item(s) of ECOSS v1.0 are listed in a table format.

  • Correspondence relationship from ECOSS v1.0 to CAMSS v1.0(PDF:73KB)
  •    For each evaluation item of ECOSS v1.0, corresponding evaluation item(s) of CAMSS v1.0 are listed in a table format.

Comparison between ECOSS and MSP

    MSP stands for the European Multi Stakeholder Platform (MSP) on ICT standardisation which was set up at the end of 2011. Refer to "European Multi Stakeholder Platform on ICT".

    Examination procedure is used in ECOSS in order to judge each criterion objectively while ICT specifications is identified based on descriptive reports in MSP. In order to bridge the methodological gap between them, content of MSP's explanatory description are analyzed and broken into segments which are then mapped to ECOSS evaluation criteria. By this means, comparison between ECOSS and MSP becomes possible.

  • Evaluation of XML1.0 using ECOSS and MSP(PDF:69KB)
  •    Comparison of XML1.0 Evaluation results using ECOSS and ICT/MSP (2013) 092 ver.2.


    Without any notification, IPA may make corrections, modifications, additions, or deletions to the contents of this document. Also IPA may withdraw this document.


    Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)
    Open Standards Promotion Center

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