2007年度第T期 未踏ソフトウェア創造事業  採択案件概要



  David J. Farber PM (Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science and Public Policy, Carnegie Mellon University)



尾曽越 雅文 (京都大学大学院・情報学研究科・通信情報システム専攻・修士課程2回)


宮浦 宏暢 (京都大学大学院・情報学研究科・社会情報学専攻・修士課程2回)

西畑 俊樹 (京都大学大学院・情報学研究科・社会情報学専攻・修士課程2回)






 Real-World Extension and Construction of Architecture of Participation for the Service Cooperation Platform PatchService




   In the circumstance that needs and activities of the individuals in the Internet has been more

   and more diverse, covering the diversity of needs and activities using only existing portal sites

   and search engines has been more difficult because of the problem that a certan sytem can not

   fully fulfill needs or intent of users. Proposers have developed a system which should dramatically

   increase the utilization efficiency of the Web, by offering a Web interface which enables users

   who do not have special knowledge to represent information processing procedures and

   executing these procedures automatically.

   The PatchService deals with data and functions on the web such as Web Services or existing

   web pages as a collection of functional element Patch, and can make programs by composing

   and tying-up patches. In this proposal, we put three points into practice as follows to let the

   PatchService, whose core functions have already been developed, be prevail among lots of people.

    A) Construction of Architecture of Participation

     In order to prompt users, who are indispensable for the PatchService, to participate in the

   PatchService, we realize a mechanism that give users incentive against creation and evaluation

   of contents of the PatchService and a mechanism that protect users and the system from

   harmful contents.

    B) Diversification of Interface

    In order to encourage users to utilize the PatchService, we make the PatchService support

   execution of patches through e-mail from PCs and cell-phones, cell-phone browsers and Web

   Service interface in SOAP/REST style by enabling server-side patch execution.

    C) Brush-Up of the System

    In order to stand up to constant use of lots of users, we improve reliability and user interface.

  Users merely used existing web services passively before PatchService appeared.

  But it becomes possible for a user to create new web services depending on the user's own

  needs and to make use of web services actively by PatchService.

  This change of how to use the Web changes common sense of conventional web services and

   brings a very big impact. Three domains developed by this proposal solve problems to acquire

   a lot of users and to maintain the system's stability.


The purpose of Patchservice is to create a user friendly web-based programming environment to allow the creation of a large set of non-technical people to make programs by the composing and tieing together patches on the web. The initial effort created a elaborate and useful system that had the potential of changing the way people deal with "programming" in a web based world.


In this follow-on effort they are attempting to create an environment where users are motivated to create and evaluate Patches and to further protect subsequent users against harmful interaction with these patches. In addition to spread the usefulness they propose to support the execution of patches via email and cell phones as well as to further "clean up" the system and improve reliability.


Based on what is proposed and their past results, I would strongly recommend this effort. There are a set of technical and design problems that will be challenging and in an area where I can help them.





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