2004年度第2回未踏ソフトウェア創造事業 成果評価報告書(プロジェクト全体について)

 プロジェクトマネジャー: Alan Kay (President, Viewpoints Research Institute)


 This project was intended to be organized around interesting research areas that would arise from making the Squeak Etoys environment more suitable for use in Japan and elsewhere in the world. During this period, the grants concentrated on developing computer systems that could help children learn without needing adults as primary instructors. Today there are a number of active research groups around the world and now in Japan seeking to make better authoring environments for children that will work on a larger scale and over larger age ranges.


 When the project proposals were first submitted they were reviewed with several points in mind; 1) relevance to the “call for projects”; 2) innovation and creativity of thought; 3) possible impact on other research in the area; 4) potential commercial value; and 5) relevance to other work in computer science and education in Japan and other countries

 At the time of adoption I was concerned about the extent of the research and work required for both of the adopted projects to meet their goals. As we worked together over the course of the grant period the researchers refined their goals and met with great success by the time of the final report.



 Both of the projects funded were successful and did more than meet my initial expectations. Each project addressed areas of novice programming, and/or created environments for learning through a variety of media resources. The awardees worked well individually, and also got to know each other and previous grant recipients welcomed them into their community. As they move forward with their research they also now have new research colleagues for the future.


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