General Information

Tokyo basic information

Tokyo has more than 400 years of history as a capital of Japan with much of its tradition and cultures stemming from the Edo period. More recently, remarkable economic and cultural growth over past half a century has made Tokyo one of the most exciting modern cities in the world. There are numerous choices for food, shopping, entertainment. You may have the impression that Tokyo is a concrete jungle full of office buildings and skyscrapers, but it also embraces nature with 277 beautiful parks and gardens to explore. In autumn you can enjoy the beautiful colored leaves.


Travel Information


The average temperature is 18°Celsius (67°Fahrenheit) and the average precipitation is 164.1 mm in October in Tokyo.

Time Difference

It is 9 hours ahead of G.M.T.

Currency, Credit Card and Traveler's Check

The local currency is Japanese yen (JPY). Major credit cards, such as Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club and JCB are widely accepted at hotels, department stores, shops and restaurants. Only major banks and hotels in principal cities can accept traveler's check, but their use in Japan is not as common as in some other countries. 


Most banks are available for foreign currency exchange transactions from 9:00 to 15:00 on weekdays.


There is no custom of tipping in Japan. Instead, at places such as restaurants, bars and hotels, 10% service charge is usually added to your bill. 


5% consumption tax will be added to your bill. 


Participants are advised to provide their own travel insurance, as the Organizers will assume no responsibility for personal accidents, sickness, robbery, or property damage. 

Electrical Appliances

Japan operates on 100 volts for electrical appliances. The frequency is 50 Hz in eastern Japan including Tokyo. 

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