Frank Sonnenberg

Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI), Germany

Frank Sonnenberg received his master degree and PhD (as a scholarship holder) in physics from the University of Wuppertal and the Research Center J├╝lich, Germany respecively. Frank focused his dissertation and postdoctoral research on the development, evaluation and validation of Monte Carlo simulated (randomising methods) systems for quantum physics and nuclear medicine (tomography).

In the following Frank qualified as a CLEF Evaluator and IT-Security Consultant, under the BSI Scheme. As a project manager he led product evaluations against the Common Criteria (up to EAL5+) and the ITSEC (up to E4).

Frank currently works with the BSI, where he is a member of the IT Security Criteria Section. He is the scheme representative to the Common Criteria Interpretations Management Board and the ISO working group SC-27 WG3.