After graduating at Technical University of Braunschweig Hans-Gerd Albertsen started as a Design Engineer at Philips Semiconductors. With several years of experience in the development of microcontrollers for different applications he joined the Smartcard activity of Philips Semiconductors in 1996. In 1999 he became Product Manager Smartcard IC Security of the Philips Semiconductors Business Line Identification and in 2004 he took over the position as Manager Security Evaluation and Certification, which reflects the importance of security evaluations for Philips Semiconductors. In these positions he was and is responsible for all security evaluations and certifications comprising both Hardware and Crypto Libraries. In addition he is also active in international committees and working groups like Eurosmart and ISCI dealing with Smartcard security. By this he was e.g. involved (i) in the development of the Smartcard IC Platform Protection Profile (BSI-PP-0002-2001), (ii) development of documents and procedures to support composite evaluations, (iii) reviewing and commenting drafts of CC V3.0.

Tyrone Stodart

Tyrone Stodart has been the Security Evaluations Manager at Renesas Technology Europe Ltd since 2002. During that period he has be involved in over 15 product security evaluations, including three successful Common Criteria certifications. He also managed the project to receive the first European Assurance Continuity Certificate, awarded at the ICC conference last year in Berlin.

He is an active member the Eurosmart Product and Systems Security Working Group, and ISCI Working Groups 1 and 2.

After receiving a Bachelors degree in electronic engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK), Tyrone worked in semiconductor process integration in Japan and Singapore. He returned to London to study for an MBA from London Business School before joining Renesas Technology Europe Ltd.

Fran├žoise FORGE

Engineer with a Master in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence, starts its career in semiconductors industry before moving to IT Software Quality & Security management.
Joined Gemplus in 2000 as Common Criteria evaluation project manager.
Collaborates to several CC workshops for Eurosmart and Global Platform.
Chairs Information Security Certification Initiative (ISCI) Working Group 1: Methodology and Evaluation Criteria.