Part 2 rewritten in CC 3.0


In the transition from CC v2.1 to CC v3.0, CC Part 2 has been completely rewritten. The new Part 2 has been reduced to 6 classes (Data Protection & Privacy, Identification, Authentication & Binding, Communication, Audit, Protection of the TSF and Miscellaneous).
The role that each class plays in defining security is described more clearly, and each class has been structured further in groups of families, so that the classes can be more readily understood. Many duplicate requirements were removed and simplified, to allow easier use.
The new Part 2 will be able to describe requirements in a more standardised way, leading to more uniform Protection Profiles and Security Targets. The new Part 2 will also allow the description of composed TOEs (e.g. a TOE consisting of an application, an OS and a PC)
more easily.