Report from CCRA Marketing work 2005 - strategy and activities
Why does Common Criteria need marketing?

The need for security, national and international, are the ultimate objectives of the standardisation work for IT-security like Common Criteria. There is a growing concern for the security of IT-products and systems. Starting in the military sector it is now spreading to the "commercial" world. How may security be guaranteed in payment systems, when transferring confidential information, how to protect systems from hostile attacks? To support the ultimate objectives there is a need to increase the number of CC-certified products to make it possible to use CC-certified products in all sectors and applications where security is a critical feature.

The international co-operation for Common Criteria – the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement has decided that marketing should be an important task. Sweden and SWEDAC’s (the Swedish signatory to CCRA) representatives will report on the CCRA marketing work so far. The first actions are completed: to work out recommendations for how to increase information by the CCRA portal and by national websites. How should they address different target groups and what content is necessary? Another of the activities is to find ways of increasing communication between the market representatives and the ‘CC-community’ that develops the Common Criteria standard. One step on this way will be taken through the panel discussion that will take place at track B marketing at 16.00. The result will be taken into consideration for the future marketing work. The work has also given several thoughts, proposals and questions for the further CCRA marketing work.