'SmartCard evaluation and acquisition policy in France'


Smart cards are seen as a major element in information systems security in France. Smart card patents of the years 70's have been used since 1985 in many domains such as banking, phone, health, pay-TV, transportation...
Smart card is a key security element in many systems, therefore, there is, for risk management an important need of harmonized evaluation methodes to give an objective assessment on the security smart cards.
The French scheme gives with ITSEC and Common Criteria a standard way to give security assessments on IT products and systems. To deal with the specificity of smart cards, European bodies have developed common guidance for an optimized way of evaluating smart cards using ITSEC and Common Criteria.
The French scheme has three dedicated laboratories (ITSEFs) for smart card evaluations, these laboratories have specialized equipments for hardware attacks.
Since its creation in 1995, the French scheme has issued more than 130 certificates on smart cards ICs and products.