Dr Michael J Nash

Gamma Secure Systems Ltd.

Mike Nash has a long background in security evaluation criteria. His first involvement came in 1985, working initially within NATO using the US TCSEC "Orange Book", and then setting up and managing the first UK evaluation facility. He helped develop the UK national criteria, the ITSEC and finally the Common Criteria. On the other side, he also advised major vendors and customers how to prepare for and successfully achieve evaluation. He is the Project Editor for the Guide to the Development of Protection Profiles and Security Targets, ISO/IEC TR 15446 (now available for free download from the ISO web site). He was the ISO Project Editor for ISO/IEC 15408-2:1999, Security Evaluation Criteria – Security Functional Requirements, the ISO equivalent of Common Criteria Version 2.1 Part 2, and its updated version, ISO/IEC 15408-2:2005, which completed its final stage of balloting on July 27th this year. Dr. Nash is a Director of Gamma Secure Systems Limited.