Erin Connor


Erin Connor joined EWA-Canada, a company that specializes in IT Security Engineering Services, in 1994. His initial activities in the IT Security and Infrastructure Assurance field included working on the team fielding a large scale Public Key Infrastructure system, Year 2000 remediation and studies of wireless device vulnerabilities. Erin's initial involvement with the Common Criteria consisted of review and evaluation of portions of the standard as it was being developed.

Since 2000, Erin has been working on evaluations of a wide variety of products including hardware security modules, telecommunications management products, as well as system and network vulnerability management products. He was also the only representative of an evaluation facility in the Biometric Evaluation Methodology Working Group, which developed a proposed methodology for the evaluation of biometric technologies under the Common Criteria.

Erin is a Director at EWA-Canada with responsibility for the Information Technology Security Evaluation & Testing Facility at EWA-Canada, which includes a Common Criteria Test Lab, and a Cryptographic Module Test Lab that carries out conformance testing of cryptographic products to FIPS 140-2 (Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules).

Erin previously enjoyed a successful 20-year career as an engineer in the Canadian Navy.