Application of the Common Criteria to a Terminal for Banking Services

This presentation describes an application of the Common Criteria to "CBB business application unit", certified first in a financial field of Japan. "CBB business application unit" is a component mounted in a terminal for banking services, "CBB terminal", set up in convenience stores. By using a CBB terminal, customer can receive a banking service at a convenience store without visiting a bank branch. For providing with these services securely, TOE has security functions to keep a confidentiality of the personal identification number which the customer inputs.
This evaluation project has been executed under following framework; the sponsor is the bank, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd., which operates the CBB terminal, and TOE developers are two venders, Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems Corporation and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
In order to achieve the development and the evaluation concurrently in a short term, CC was planned from the starting stage of the design; i.e. TOE was developed based on ST, which was made at the beginning stage of the design, and every evaluation evidence was made in parallel with the real TOE development.
The evaluation project that had begun on October in 2004 was completed on February in 2005. The sponsor gave a press-announcement and began the services.