6TH ICCC 2005
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Call for Papers

6th ICCC 2005: Call for Papers

"Call for Papers" has been closed. Thank you for your attention.  

1. Date

September 28-29 (Wednesday and Thursday), 2005

2. Place

ANA Hotel Tokyo (Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

3. Topics for papers

A: New attempts at tackling security evaluation
B: Attempts to expand the CC market
C: IC card evaluation
D: Biometric evaluation
E: Code module evaluation
F: Evaluation of application systems
G: Trial experience of CC v3.0 (ST)
H: Experience of implementation of guarantee continuation
I: Vendors’ experience involving CC evaluation
J: Usefulness of CC evaluation
K: Other topics

4. Form of presentation and duration

- Presentation using computer
- Presentations in Japanese or English
- Presentation duration of 30 minutes (including questions and answers)

5. Documents for submission

The following items should be submitted in the form of a Word file:
- Name of speaker (including furigana in the case of Japanese names)
- Name of organization to which the speaker belongs
- Brief CV of speaker (max. 200 words in English)
- Title of paper
- Abstract of paper (max. 350 words in English)
- Affiliation
- Address
- Tel
- Fax
- E-mail

NB: The name of each speaker together with the name of the organization to which he belongs and his brief CV will be included on the conference’s website and in other documentation. Please be aware of this before submitting your application. Personal information relating to “Contact” details obtained in the context of the present call for papers will be used solely for contact purposes in connection with this conference.

6. Deadline for submission of applications

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

7. E-mail address for submission of applications

Applications should be submitted to the following address with “Response to call for papers” given in the subject line.

8. Screening

Following screening of applications, applicants will be notified of the results by E-mail no later than Thursday, June 30.

9. Other matters

- Please note that we will not return any documents submitted in connection with applications.
- Speakers at the conference will participate without remuneration.

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