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IPA:Measures for Vulnerability in Information Systems

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Security center carries out distribution of vulnerability related information. It conducts analysis, establish countermeasures, provides PR documents, materials and develop support tools to counter vulnerability.

  • Collection / Analysis of Information on Vulnerabilities, Analysis of Attacking Methods
  • Information on vulnerability and attack methods released via the Internet is collected for the purposes of various research, verification, and evaluation of the impact.

  • Reduction of Vulnerabilities
  • For the development of safe software, our compilation of know-how titled, "A Secure Programming Course," is presented on our website. Furthermore, research, study, and the development of technology and supporting tools are carried out to reduce the vulnerabilities.

  • Report / analysis of Vulnerability-related information, and reports of spreading of countermeasures for vulnerabilities.
  • IPA operates “Information Security Early Warning Partnership” for vulnerability-related information distribution in cooperation with JPCERT Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC), and other related organizations/bodies.
    IPA co-operates the JVN portal site, with JPCERT/CC, which provides the action status being taken by the vendors for the vulnerability which has been uncovered, and distributes countermeasure when it becomes available.

    Contact for notification of vulnerability-related information

    • E-mail:****

Measures for Vulnerability in Information Systems Image