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IPA:Software Engineering:SPINA³CH Self-determined Improvement Method

Revised Feb 27, 2015
Mar 21, 2012
Software Reliability Enhancement Center( Formerly: Software Engineering Center)


 IPA/SEC has released an English translation of "SPINA³CH Self-determined Improvement Method," which is targeted towards self-motivated engineers on software development processes. We believe there are no similar efforts abroad, and therefore we want to disseminate "SPINA³CH Self-determined Improvement Method" to the world. We publish this English translation so that it will be utilized at over-sea sites of the Japanese companies and also at off-shore companies for process improvement activities for software development. We expect this English translation to help improve both productivity and quality. An application of the method to VSE (Very Small Entities) have been used as an input to the International Standard (Techincal Report), ISO/IEC 29110-3-4 (waiting for publication).

Terms of Use

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 As IPA/SEC (the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan / Software Reliability Enhancement Center) wants to deploy its outputs for promotion of software engineering, the method documents and tools are made available to the public under the Creative Commons license to users who agree with IAP/SEC's purpose and publication intention.

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SPINA³CH Self-determined Improvement Method

Revision history

27 February 2015 Relationship with the International Standard (Technical Report) has been updated. The copyright notice has been also updated.