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IT Knowledge Center on emerging tech trends


With the progress of IoT, software that supports social infrastructure is becoming larger and more complicated, and higher quality has become essential. IPA/SEC aims to realize highly reliable software development through various activities for the following issues at development sites, through the following three activities.


Promotion of metric project management

Aiming to enhance quality and reliability of information systems, IPA/SEC has been continuously collecting software development and operation process data, analyzing it, and disseminating metric management. This campaign includes further utilization of metric data for project management.
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Promotion of qualified embedded system development

IPA/SEC has been providing technical, process, coding, and management reference for qualified embedded systems development.
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Enhancement of upper process capability

Connection from various outside systems and diverse requirements cause increasing uncertainty in system development reguirement definitions. To address those challenge at sites, IPA/SEC is considering how to enhance upper process capability by establishing reference requirement definitions, design processes, and other necessary measures for venders and service providers (clients).
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