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IPA/SEC has been strengthening partnership with foreign key organizations in the field of software and has been sharing experience in order to serve as the center of excellence of this kind, domestically and internationally.

Main partnership organization

Fraunhofer IESE, Germany
A public research and advisory organization to promote smart ecosystems and implement Industrie 4.0 policy.

  • Exchanges information related to information sharing platforms that support industrie 4.0 projects.
  • Performs joint research on the systems engineering practices in the EU industries.
  • Achieves major cooperation with IESE,which is GQM+ Strategies®, which optimizes IT systems to fit into their management and administration policies.

NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology), USA
The national research and standardization body for physics, measurement, smart grids, and cybersecurity under the Department of Commerce.

  • Periodically exchanges views.
  • Cooperation between the result of the security/safety development guidelines in Japan and CPS (Cyber Physical System) Framework team in the US is performed.

CMU/SEI (Carnegie Mellon University-Software Engineering Institute), USA
A software engineering institution at Carnegie Mellon University.
The world’s largest organization that specializes in software engineering, and handles a large amount of research and development consignment projects from the US Department of Defense (DoD).

  • Promotes the strengthening of cooperation, such as by comparing analysis results of software development project data of SEI and analysis results of the white paper on software development metric data of IPA/SEC.
  • Cooperates in the handling of the CERT C Secure Coding Standard of the ESCR C Embedded system Development Coding Reference created by IPA/SEC.

MISRA (The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association), UK
The automobile industry association with manufacturers, suppliers, and academia in the UK, providing guidelines of automobile software coding practices.

  • Cross-checking of each coding reference, ESCR C/C++, and MISRA-C, is performed.

INCOSE (INternational Council of Systems Engineering)
International association for the promotion of systems engineering.

CEA/LIST, France
French Government organization to support industry by the application of software engineering and entrepreneurship. It originates from nuclear system control.

  • There is currently a cooperative partnership agreement between IPA/SEC and CEA-LIST.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), USA
Prominent private technology college in the USA

  • Promotes the sharing of information regarding application methods and application examples of STAMP/STPA safety analysis methods.

OMG (Object Management Group)
International standardization consortium for modeling systems and software.

  • The reconcile design method standard for consumer devices (DAF) at OMG, With the cooperation of Toyota, Fujitsu, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and the University of Electro Communications, IPA/SEC engages in the making of group suggestions for develop methodology for the functional safety of consumer devices that support the age of IoT.

International Standards

IPA has participated in international standardization activities through ISO/IEC JTC1, the joint organization between the International Standard Organization (ISO) and the International Electric Standard Commission (IEC).

  • Standardization of bench-marking methods and evaluation for IT project management has been lead by IPA at ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 WG10(ISO / IEC 29155 series, ISO/IEC 33004, ISO/IEC TR 33014)
  • Standardization of independent improvement method SPINA3CH has been lead by IPA(ISO/IEC TR 29110-3-4)