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Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOU Program)

MITOU Program

MITOU Program

Program Mission

MITOU Program's mission is to discover and develop young talents called "Creators" who are capable of accelerating innovation and playing a key role in creating next-generation IT markets.
* MITOU is pronounced "Me-Toe"

Program Benefits

Creators who are selected to MITOU Program can receive the following benefits;
- Intensive mentoring from Japanese distinguished IT innovators called "Project Managers"
- Connections with highly motivated MITOU peers, graduates, and the "Project Managers"
- Opportunity to receive research funding from IPA

Intellectual property (IP) rights acquired through MITOU Program will belong to the Creator.
After the completion of MITOU Program the "Creator" who made outstanding progress during the program is given the title of honor "Super Creator".

Program Accomplishments

The number of young talents developed by MITOU Program is;
- 1,680 "Creators" (As of June 2017)
- 297 "Super Creators" (As of June 2017)

Program Brochure

Brochure  (PDF:1.7MB)

Contact Information

E-mail:Contact Information

Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOU Program)