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IT Human Resources Development

IPA:IT Human Resources Development:Promoting Industry-Academia Collaboration

The rapid advance and growing use of IT have been accompanied by qualitative and quantitative shortages of human resources needed to support its further development. As a result, developing IT human resources is becoming an urgent task. Working to orchestrate collaboration between industry, which requires human resources, and academia, which supplies these resources, IPA is implementing a host of measures while cooperating with academia, industry, related bodies and government.

Promoting Practical Education through Industry-Academia Collaboration

IPA considers various policies for industry-academia collaboration in the area of IT human resources development in its role as executive office for the Industry-Academia Partnership for Human Resources Development established jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

 Moreover, to ensure concrete progress with practical IT human resources development via industry-academia collaboration, IPA formed collaborative agreements with the National Institute of Informatics (NII) of the Research Organization of Information and Systems (ROIS), an Inter-University Research Institute Corporation. At the same time, we set up the Industry-Academia IT Human Resource Development Implementation Working Group and are formulating operational plans for fiscal 2009 and beyond. With a view toward holding lectures at universities in 2010 in cooperation with industry, under the main operational plan we are devising a number of specific plans. These include designing curriculums and educational materials that reflect company needs and building frameworks for dispatching instructors from companies.

Structure for Developing Highly Skilled IT Human Resources

IT Human Resources Development iPedia

Practical IT education at higher educational facilities is extremely vital for quickly developing highly skilled IT human resources. IPA has established the IT Human Resources Development iPedia, a website providing information for upgrading, expanding and promoting the spread of practical IT education. This site contains cases of practical IT human resources development through industry-academia collaboration as well as posts the related syllabuses and educational materials, background information and news concerning IT human resources development.

Security and Programming Camp

With the aim of identifying and developing outstanding human resources who can play leading roles in the future IT industry, IPA holds its Security and Programming Camp. We also hold a Camp Caravan at various locations in regional areas. Targeted at young people, this caravan provides practical IT educational and training and widely publicizes the achievements of the Security and Programming Camp.