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IT Human Resources Development

IPA:IT Human Resources Development

IT Human Resources Development

Developing Highly Skilled Human Resources

IT is now an integral part of economic activities and underpins the social infrastructure. At the same time, industry as a whole has become globalized and entered an age of mega-competition that transcends national boundaries. Along with these developments, securing human resources in the IT industry is gradually becoming more difficult.

 A number of factors underlie difficulties in securing IT human resources. These include intensifying international competition accompanying the rise of emerging nations; a disparity between classroom curriculums and the actual human resources needed by industry; shorter delivery times and an increase in man-hours for development along with the growing complexity of products; and concerns related to IT occupations arising from Japan "IT industry" unique structure of multiple subcontracting.

 For many years IPA has implemented initiatives for developing capable IT human resources. These include the Information Technology Engineers Examination (ITEE) that dates back to 1969, as well as Skill Standards for IT Professionals (ITSS), Embedded Technology Skill Standards (ETSS) and the Users' Information Systems Skill Standards (UISS). Looking to the future, we will promote and further advance industry-academia-government collaboration and focus on developing optimal IT human resources, while progressing with activities taking a view toward the global expansion of human resources development.

 We will also continuously devote efforts to identifying outstanding human resources, invigorating local communities through such development, promoting the use of IT in small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and providing support in classrooms.

IT Human Resources Development