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IPA : IT Human Resources Development : i Competency Dictionary

IPA released “i Competency Dictionary (iCD) “as a structured dictionary composed of the “Task Dictionary” and the “Skill Dictionary” . The iCD is the result of the IPA investigation about the ideal way of the skill standard in the IT human resource development. The iCD suggests Tasks, Skills, Rolls, and Jobs needed for not only the conventional business model such as system integrator but also the new age business models such as security, cloud, and data science.
The relationship between the Task Dictionary and the Skill Dictionary is shown below.

Fig1. Relationship between Task execution and Dictionaries

Also, the “iCD Handbook” was published at the same time to enhance better use of the iCD for each company or organization. The Handbook explains the structure and the utilizing method of the iCD.
The Task Dictionary is comprised of 4 layers divided into three task layers plus the Evaluation items layer (approx. 2,200 items). The Skill Dictionary is also comprised of 4 layers divide into three skill layers plus BOK layer (approx. 10,000 items).
Task dictionary and Skill dictionary structure are shown below as Fig2 and Fig3 respectively.

Fig2. The Task Dictionary Structure Fig3. The Skill Dictionary Structure

To obtain the iCD

The material and content of the full iCD are shown in the below table.

Material Content
Task Dictionary Chart Task Dictionary birds-eye view
Task Dictionary Task list and associated materials
Skill Dictionary Chart Skill Dictionary birds-eye view
Skill Dictionary Skill list and associated materials
Task x Skill corresponding table Task vs Skill relationship matrix
Handbook iCD usage explanation guide

To download the iCD up to 2nd layer

To download the iCD up to 4th layer (Full iCD)

To obtain the iCD Pocket Handbook

The i Competency Dictionary (iCD) Pocket Handbook is a summary of the iCD contents to support from the iCD implementation consideration to iCD post-implementation reference. Because it is small enough to carry in the pocket, you can utilize it in a various scene.

Release history

・July/8/2020 Made the full iCD downloadable
・Jan/21/2019  Announced iCD V4
・Aug/17/2018  Announced iCD V3
・Sep/26/2017  Announced iCD Pocket Handbook
・Apr/12/2017  Announced iCD V2
・Jul/15/2016  Announced iCD V1
・Jun/30/2015  Announced iCD Trial version