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IPA:Message from the Chairman

For developing the society where all people in the country can enjoy the conveniences of IT

Chairman  Tatsuo Tomita
  Information devices like smartphones have proliferated rapidly, and people using their devices in trains have become one of the commonly seen scenes. Sensors are built in smartphones and other variable products and they are connected to the Internet and cloud services through wireless networks. This is one of examples of how the Internet of Things (IoT) is advancing. Convenient services are created one after another, and the industrial structure has started to change markedly.

  With the aim of promoting IoT in Japan, “IoT Acceleration Consortium” has been established under public-private collaboration. And efforts for the creation of businesses with world-changing potential have started to be made through this consortium.

  On the other hand, cyber-attacks on the government and companies, or cyber-crimes such as theft of company information and illegal transferring of personal deposits at banks are reported in the newspaper almost every day. It’s an urgent issue to protect IT society from increasingly advanced and sophisticated cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes for embarking new era.

  To address these issues, IPA puts more efforts to strengthen information security, including “Cyber Rescue and Advice Team against targeted attack of Japan.” Also, there are great expectations for IPA to develop human resources in information security in various parts of the society as well.

  IPA has been contributed toward the improvement of the IT literacy of all the public and the knowledge and skill of IT engineers through a national examination, the Information Technology Engineers Examination.
  The Information Security Management Examination has been newly added for building the foundation of IT human resources development.

  As an organization to play a role in national IT policy implementation, IPA will continue to meet the demands of times and contribute to developing the society where all people in the country can enjoy the conveniences of IT with peace of mind.