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IPA:Message from the Chairman

Enabling a super-smart society that allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of data and information technology

Chairman  Tatsuo Tomita
  Innovation has been one of the key drivers of progress in human history. After the first three industrial revolutions, we now are experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is the fusion of big data and new digital technologies that are driving economic growth with transformative changes in our lives while radically disrupting almost every business sector.

  Responses to the COVID-19 pandemic have sped up the adoption of digital technologies to a dash. The pandemic pushed companies and consumers to rapidly adopt new behaviors that are likely to continue, changing our set of rules and values to new ones that are more fitting in the digital age. While some hail the shift towards digitalized society as progress, it could yield greater inequality with digital divides caused by gaps in digital skills and literacy among us.

  At the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA), we are thriving on our mission to expedite the arrival of a reliable IT society that benefits all. We will provide businesses and citizens with the guide to securely leverage the power of IT, develop exceptional IT talents, and build a community that connects people and information to ignite innovation.

  Since its inception in 2004, IPA has been planning and implementing various information technology initiatives under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We believe our roles and responsibilities will become bigger in the coming era as data and digital technologies are rewriting the rules of business and propelling organizations toward digital transformation.

  Standing up against the new challenges of our time, we are committed to making every effort in our endeavors in enhancing information security to counter new threats inherent in a data-driven society, nurturing IT talents and professionals to meet increasingly complicated social demands, and building a strong foundation to support our nation’s growth under the fiercely competitive global market environment.

  Your continuous support and understanding of our activities would be cordially appreciated.