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IPA:Our Activities

Protecting and Nurturing the IT Society

Aiming to realize a “reliable IT society”

IT is becoming more accessible than ever, as smartphones and tablet devices make our lives much richer. Moreover, with the advance of so-called big data, we will soon have an IT environment where we have immediate access to whatever information we want.

Software actually plays an important role in automobiles, TVs and domestic appliances such as air conditioners, enabling us to lead pleasant and comfortable lives. The idea of building social infrastructure and conducting corporate business without IT is unthinkable.
This is why it is essential to take countermeasures against security risks posed by cyber-attacks, etc., and to improve the reliability of information processing systems in the event of such troubles.

Meanwhile, the endeavors of outstanding IT human resources are needed in order to ensure the future vitality of the Japanese economy.
Through making a sincere effort to address each of these issues, IPA aims to realize a “reliable IT society” where anybody can realize the benefits of IT with peace of mind.

  1. IT Security
  2. Improving Reliability of Information Processing Systems
  3. IT Human Resources Development

IPA's 3 Missions