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Press Release:Campaign in Seven Asian Countries in conjunction with the Japan Revitalization Strategy’s Acceleration of the Acceptance of Foreign Human Resources in IT Field

August 24, 2016

- Special Hello Kitty clear folders for the examinees of the IT Engineers Examinations in Asia -

 In September, IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan; Chairman Tatsuo Tomita) will launch a promotional campaign using Hello Kitty for the IT Engineers Examinations in seven Asian countries—Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Mongolia, and Bangladesh.

 In Cybersecurity 2015(*1), the section entitled “Improving Socio-Economic Vitality and Sustainable Development” states that the further establishment of ITPEC(*2) will be pursued in the seven Asian countries. (*3) ITPEC is an organization(*4) established in November 2005 for the improvement of the mobility and the utilization of IT talents through IT human resource development in Asia. The organization has supported the IT Engineers Examination in Asia, based on Japan’s IT Engineers Examinations, and the exams have 57,757 examinees and 10,736 passers in total.

 Japan Revitalization Strategy Amendment 2015 stated that the number of foreign IT talents working in Japan would be increased from 30,000 to 60,000 by 2020. In response, CSAJ(*5) established the Asian IT Engineers Career Support Council of Japan in November 2015, which has the member of 35 companies and 1 organization(*6), for promoting talented foreign IT human resources to work in Japan.

 With this momentum of the proactive utilization of foreign IT talents in Japan, IPA will launch a two-year promotional campaign running from September 2016 through June 30, 2018, aiming for increasing the number of examinees and raising awareness of the examinations in ITPEC countries. In this campaign, a Hello Kitty collaborative-design clear folder will be distributed to each examinee, with further plans to make posters, leaflets, websites, and other media also decorated with Hello Kitty collaborative-designs.

The clear folder for the October 2016 exam and Hello Kitty characters wearing traditional clothing from each country

 This campaign will be held only within the seven countries, and the special clear folder will not be distributed in Japan.

Philippine National IT Standards Foundation Inc.

National Science and Technology Development Agency

Vietnam Training and Examination Center

Myanmar Computer Federation

Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operations Sdn Bhd

National IT Park

Bangladesh Computer Council


(*1) September 25, 2015. National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity外部サイトPDF P6(3)

(*2) IT Professionals Examination Council. IT Passport Examination and Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination are held twice a year in April and October. Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination is held once a year. The exams are held on the same days and using the same exam questions.

(*3) Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Mongolia, Bangladesh.

(*4) Based on the Asian Common Skill Standard Initiative for IT Engineer, adopted at the October 2000 economic ministers’ summit between ASEAN, Japan, China, and Korea, mutual recognition agreements were concluded with 12 nations and regions (India, Singapore, South Korea, China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Bangladesh) to mutually recognize the IT Engineers Examinations.

(*5) Computer Software Association of Japan

(*6) As of the announcement on November 19, 2015


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*Japanese version is here.

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