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bizhub 754 / bizhub 654 PKI Card System
Control Software

Last Updated 2013-08-01
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bizhub 754 / bizhub 654 PKI Card System Control Software
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Control Software for digital MFP
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Description of TOE

TOE is the software that controls the entire operation of digital multi-function products (Multi Functional Peripheral. Hereinafter referred to as “MFP”), including the operation control processing and the image data management triggered by the panel of the main body of MFP or through the network.


TOE security functionality

This TOE mainly provides the following security functions.

- Encryption Print Function
  The function that receives the encrypted print data and can print the print data only with a right IC card.
- S/MIME Encryption Function
  The function to encrypt an image data when transmitting it by e-mail.
- Digital Signature Function
  The function to add the digital signature by using the function of IC card when transmitting an image data by e-mail.
- HDD Encryption Function
  The function to encrypt the image data written in HDD by using the function of ASIC.
- All Area Overwrite Deletion Function
  The function that deletes data area including the image data of HDD completely by deletion method compliant with various overwrite deletion standards.
- Fax Unit Control Function
  The function to prevent accessing the internal network using FAX as steppingstone.