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bizhub 500 / bizhub 420 / bizhub 360 /ineo 500 /ineo 420 / ineo 360 Control Software

Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc.
Last Updated 2007-10-03
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bizhub 500 / bizhub 420 / bizhub 360 /ineo 500 /ineo 420 / ineo 360 Control Software
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IT Product (data protection function in digital MFD)
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This product is the embedded software that is installed on the Konica Minolta Business Technologies, Inc. digital MFP (bizhub 500 / bizhub 420 / bizhub 360 /ineo 500 / ineo 420 / ineo 360) (Hereinafter referred to as "MFP") . This software is on the flash memory on the MFP controller carried in MFP, and this controls the whole operation of MFP such as the operation control processing and the image data management received from the panel of MFP body or the network.

This product offers the protection from exposure of the highly confidential document stored in the MFP, and aims at protecting the data which may be exposed against a user's intention. In order to realize it, this offers the functions such as the function that limits the operation to the specific document only to the authorized user, the function that performs the overwrite deletion of the data domain which became unnecessary and the function that deletes the confidential information including a setting value. Moreover, this has the mechanism using the unauthorized access protection function (HDD Lock Function) with which HDD is equipped against the risk of taking out HDD unjustly which is a medium for storing image data in MFP. If the encryption board, an option product, is installed in the MFP controller, this provides the function of generating the encryption key that encrypts all data including image data written to the HDD.