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Data Security Kit DA-SC03

Panasonic System Networks Co., Ltd.
Last Updated 2010-12-22
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Data Security Kit DA-SC03
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IT Product (data protection function in digital imaging system)
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The TOE is a software product to protect the used document data which had been already stored on the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) after being processed by the digital imaging system from being disclosed illicitly.

To realize them, The TOE offers the function to overwrite for residual data and the function to delete the security information including set values of the unit.

Moreover, the hard disk drive lock mechanism is used to prevent any information leak in case of removing and taking out the HDD illegally.

The TOE is offered as an optional product of Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. Digital Imaging System DP-2330 / 3030, and provides the security functions by replacing with the standard bundled software of the digital imaging system.