Protection Profile List

Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices
1.0 dated September 10, 2015

Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan
Last Updated 2017-07-24
Protection Profile Name :
Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices
Version of PP :
1.0 dated September 10, 2015
Technology Type :
Hardcopy Devices
Certification Identification :
Date :
Version of Common Criteria:
3.1 release4
Conformance Claim :
PP Compliant
PP Identifier :
Procurement Entity :


Description of PP

The Target of Evaluation in this PP is an HCD. HCDs support job functions to convert hardcopy documents into digital form (scanning), convert digital documents into hardcopy form (printing), duplicate hardcopy documents (copying), or transmit documents over a PSTN connection (PSTN faxing). Hardcopy documents typically take the form of paper, but can take other forms (e.g. transparencies).

For the purpose of this PP, a conforming HCD must support at least one of the job functions printing, scanning, or copying and must support the functions network communications and administration.

The job functions supported by the HCD and the network communications and administration functions are “Required Uses” of a conforming HCD and are mandatory functions. A conforming HCD may also support “Conditionally Mandatory Uses”. Conditionally Mandatory Uses are optional functions, the presence of which in a HCD is not required for conformance, but which must meet conditionally mandatory requirements if they are present in a HCD.


PP security functionality

The PP requests a TOE to have the following security features:

- Identification, authentication, and authorization to use HCD functions
- Access control
- Encryption
- Trusted communications
- Administrative roles
- Auditing
- Trusted operation
- PSTN fax-network separation (if PSTN fax function is present)
- Data clearing and purging (optional)


Note for applying the PP

When applying this PP, the Errata (Protection Profile for Hardcopy Device -v1.0 Errata #1) which has been released shall be referenced.