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Open Source Software such as Linux has been developing on introduction to information systems and application in embedded systems at enterprises and universities. However it is indicated that OSS still has some technical and system problems.

The Japan OSS Promotion Forum (Chairman Kaoru Yano: President of NEC Corporation ) applies new software paradigms of OSS and strengthens competitiveness of Japan with respect for competition and collaboration among companies and cooperation with communities.These activities aim to realize 'prevention of monopoly and expanding choices', 'promotion of technology innovation', 'human resource development'.

The Japan OSS Promotion Forum works together with the China OSS Promotion Union and the Korea OSS Promotion Forum to form the Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum for the purpose of collaborating with private enterprises, research institutes, and educational organizations in China and Korea. The activities of the Northeast Asia OSS Promotion Forum are harmonized with the government level collaboration between Japan, China, and Korea.

With participation from venders, users, and academic experts of information systems in Japan, an effort is underway to solve problems in utilizing OSS by freely discussing these problems.

The Japan OSS Promotion Forum is composed of Executive and Advisory Board, Steering Committee and 4 Sub Committee. Executive and Advisory Board is formed by leaders of various companies and in the center of the forum. And Steering Committee is supporting Executive and Advisory Board. Steering Committee supervises 4 Sub Committees such as Platform Sub Committee, Application Sub Committee, Embedded System Sub Committee and Human Resource Development Sub Committee as well as Planning team. Each Sub Committee researches and endeavors to promote OSS in each field.

(August 19th, 2008)


Kaoru Yano (President of NEC Corporation).


Executive Board

Hiroshi Kuwahara (Senior Corporate Advisor of Hitachi, Ltd.)

Kunio Ishihara (Chairman of Japan Users Association of Information Systems(JUAS))

Naoyuki Akikusa (Member of the Board Senior Executive Advisor of FUJITSU Limited)

Ryoji Chubachi (President and Electronics CEO, Sony Corporation)

Takuma Otoshi (President and Chairman, IBM Japan, Ltd.)

Tomokazu Hamaguchi (Senior Corporate Adviser of NTT Data Corporation)


Advisory Board

Gentaro Sawa (Senior Executive Vice President of NTT COMWARE CORPORATION)

Harumi Saito (Corporate Vice President of Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.)

Hideyuki Tokuda (Dean,Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University)

Hironobu Nagano (The Chairman of the Board of AZing Co., LTD.)

Kazuyoshi Hasegawa (Managing Executvie Officer of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.)

Masahiko Yoshida (Director of Hewlett-Packard Japan,Ltd.)

Masaki Sugiyama (Member of the Board Senior Executive officer of Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd)

Ryu Koriyama (Chief Executive Officer of Aplix Corporation)

Ryugo Marumori (SRA Holdings, Inc. Chairman)

Shojiro Nakamura (General Manager of Sun Microsystems K.K.)

Takashi Kunai (Japan Director, The Linux Foundation)

Tosiyasu L Kunii (Professor Emeritus of The University of Tokyo)

Tsuyoshi Hoshina (Chief Technology Officer of Nihon Unisys, Ltd.)

Yoshio Iwahashi (Director & Executive Vice President of NS Solutions Corporation)

Yoshiyuki Miyabe (Executive Officer of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)


Chairman of Steering Committee Tomomi Suzuki (Hitachi,Ltd)

Project Manager of Platform Sub Committee Kenichi Hori (NEC Corp.)

Project Manager of Platform Sub Committee Ichiro Osawa (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Project Manager of Application Sub Committee Masatoshi Yoshida (FUJITSU, Ltd.)

Project Manager of Application Sub Committee Seiya Maeda (Good-Day Inc.)

Project Manager of Embedded System Sub Committee Satoru Ueda (Sony Corp.)

Project Manager of Human Resource Development Sub Committee Hiroshi Miura (NTT Data Corp)



*To Contact the Japan OSS Promotion Forum


Open Software Center, Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan(IPA)
TEL: 03-5978-7507(Direct), FAX: 03-5978-7517

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